The communist subversion of America is nearly complete: Left-wing media has already achieved 3 out of 4 steps for Soviet-style overthrow of American society and government

For weeks, the left-wing media has been absurdly claiming that patriot websites and a Republican President elect are working for the Russians. The truth is exactly the flip side: Democrats have been working with the Russians for decades to subvert American culture, destabilize America’s institutions and overrun the U.S. government with Marxist-communist leftist infiltrators who despise liberty and the Constitution.

For example, CNN’s Chris Cuomo is a blatant communist sympathizer who celebrated the murderous Castro regime by claiming Castro “lifted everyone up.” After Castro’s death, CNN talking heads gushed for days about how glorious Castro was, apparently oblivious to the mass political executions of men, women and children committed by Castro over decades of exploitation and tyranny. The exact words of Cuomo leave no doubt that he worships communist dictators:

What is the point of this communist regime if it is not to truly make everyone equal — not at the lowest level; not by demoralizing everyone; but lifting everyone up?

#Calexit movement has already opened an embassy in Moscow

Even right now, the #Calexit secession movement in California — run entirely by radical left-wing activists — has already set up an “embassy” in Moscow, and they are gaining support from communist collaborators in the Obama regime to fund the effort and turn California into a “communist beachhead” in North America.

To really understand what’s happening across America today, you need to watch a film called The Enemies Within. You can find it at this website.

This powerful documentary details the communist collaborators inside the U.S. government who are right now operating as members of Congress in the U.S. Capitol. Many of them, the film reveals, could not pass an FBI background check because they have so many ties with anti-American communist groups such as Communist Party USA, Democratic Socialists of America, Workers World Party, the Institute for Policy Studies, Council for a Livable World and other radical anti-American organizations

Watch the trailer here:

Anti-American left-wing media has achieved 3 out of 4 steps necessary for a Soviet-style overthrow of the United States

The “silent coup” taking place in America right now is a communist takeover being pushed by the mainstream media, Hollywood, academia and government infiltrators and subversives.

Hollywood is deeply involved in the evil plot, pushing out propaganda shows like The Americans which portrays Russian spies as heroes in America. A sci-fi show called Continuum labels anti-establishment liberty groups “terrorists” while portraying the strong female lead as a hero for hunting down and killing those who seek liberty. (She’s called a “protector” and works for the globalist corporate monopolists who already overthrew the government.) Nearly the entire institution of “Hollywood” is widely infiltrated by Marxists, communists and radical left-wing subversives who use television, movies and even video games to push grotesque cultural subversion themes like transgenderism (Amazon Prime), attacks on white history, attacks on the police (ESPN), attacks on males (every TV commercial) and attacks on logic and reason.

Former Soviet-era deception expert Yuri Bezmenov laid out a blueprint for communist subversion of any targeted nation back in the 1980s. That blueprint looks remarkably like what Obama and the radical left just pulled off over the last eight years… with the help of the lying mainstream media and cultural subversion via movies, TV, Jon Stewart, fake news, false flags and an overthrow of the public education system (Common Core, an anti-education indoctrination / obedience scheme).

Bezmenov is well known for saying:

The highest art of warfare is not to fight at all… but to subvert anything of value in the country of your enemy until such time that the perception of reality of your enemy is screwed up to such an extent that he does not perceive you as an enemy, and that your system, your civilization and your ambitions look to your enemy as an alternative, if not desirable then at least feasible. That’s the ultimate purpose, the final stage of subversion, after which you can simply take your enemy without a single shot being fired.

Watch his lecture in the video below.

Disinformation, deception and the art of subversion

To really get up to speed on all this, I strongly recommend a book called Disinformation: Former Spy Chief Reveals Secret Strategies for Undermining Freedom, Attacking Religion, and Promoting Terrorism.

This book starts off with details of how President Bill Clinton seized upon the black church hate crime hoax of the 1990s to foment hatred toward whites and Christianity, perfectly following the blueprint of Soviet-style “demoralization,” destabilization and subversion.

The book is a tour de force of radical left-wing deception tactics being widely used today by Sen. Chuck Schumer, Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, Hillary Clinton and of course Barack Obama. Almost everything they do is patterned off KGB-developed communist subversion tactics to destroy liberty and democracy while demoralizing and punishing those who believe in religion, law enforcement or equal justice. The entire point of the Obama regime was to destroy rationality across American society and replace it with mass mental illness (transgenderism, philosophical monopolism, social engineering obedience, anti-science climate change propaganda, politically correct language police and so on).

Another similar book with more modern details is called Demonic: How the Liberal Mob Is Endangering America by Ann Coulter.

Demonic reveals astonishing historical details of how leftists not only overthrow governments, but then they usually kill their own subversives after the takeover, having decided their own people were “useful idiots” to achieve the coup.

The Yuri Bezmenov lectures

Yuri Bezmenov explains the four stages of subversion in his remarkable historical lecture found in this video:

As you’ll discover from watching the video, America is currently in stage 3 — “crisis”. That’s the point where Bezmenov says that if things aren’t immediately reversed, the only way to get back to liberty is through military control of the country.

In other words, once the minds of leftists are so polluted (Meryl Shreep), indoctrinated (Matt Demon), made mentally ill (Rosie O’Dumbbell) or completely obliterated by radical leftist disinfo (John McCain, a RINO), the radical left can only be defeated, says Bezmenov, with military force. They’re beyond the reach of education, self-realization, login or reason of any kind. Their minds have been obliterated by communist-Marxist programming and social engineering.

Does anyone doubt, after observing the complete insanity of the radical left today, that most of those people are beyond reason? They’re been so mind controlled by communist / Marxist / leftist propaganda that they will never accept ideas rooted in liberty. Rush Limbaugh calls them “a special kind of stupid,” and Michael Savage calls them “mentally ill.” In truth, it’s actually a combination of stupidity, indoctrination, mental illness and delusional paranoia. But in a greater sense, all these leftists are victims of propaganda. Their minds have been taken over via cultural and institutional subversion. This is all deliberate.

P.S. Also watch this incredible interview with Yuri Bezmenov by G. Edward Griffin (the video looks like it’s from the 1980s). It’s just astonishing what you’ll learn about cultural subversion in this video:

Obama’s last eight years were ripped right out of the KGB’s subversion playbook

I’ve carefully watched the Bezmenov video (and you should too), taking the following notes. As you read these notes, notice how perfectly this matches with the agenda of Obama and the radical left, including the transgender push, the attacks on Christianity, the complete obliteration of public education and the vilification of law enforcement:

* Espionage only occupies 10 – 15% of time, money and manpower activities of the KGB.

* The other 85% of the KGB activity is subversion.

* The aim is to destroy the country of your enemy.

* Subversion activity is overt and easily observable.

* According to western laws, subversion is not a crime.

* Subverters are exchange students, diplomats, actors…

* Subversion is a two-way activity. The enemy must be willing to be subverted.

* You cannot subvert the Soviet Union because the borders are closed.

* Subversion can only be successful when the agent of subversion has a responsive target.

* The USA is a “receptive target” of subversion.

* Sun-Tzu was the first expert in subversion in ancient China.

* He said it is inefficient to fight on the battlefield.

* The basics of subversion are taught to every student of the KGB in the USSR.

The four stages of subversion – from Yuri Bezmenov, Soviet KGB subversion expert

  1. Demoralization. It takes 15 – 20 years to demoralize a society. It includes influencing (infiltration, propaganda, etc.) of various areas where public opinion is shaped: Religion, educational system, social life, administration, law enforcement systems, military and labor-employer relations.

Exploit the people within the society who are ideologically opposed to the system. Use small groups of agents from foreign nations. Distract people from real faith and replace it with artificial faiths in other systems.

In education, distract them from learning something constructive, pragmatic and efficient. Instead of mathematics, chemistry, history, teach them sexuality, home economy, anything to distract.

In social life, replace traditionally established institutions with fake organizations. Take away the initiative from people, take away the natural links between individuals and replace them with bureaucratically controlled systems. Establish social workers’ institutions ruled by bureaucracy. Eliminate the family and replace the main concern with the paycheck from the government.

In government, replace elected officials with un-elected bureaucrats who control the people.

In the major media like the New York Times, you don’t have to be an excellent journalist. You have to be exactly a mediocre journalist.

For the power structure: It is slowly eroded by those who do not have qualifications nor the will of the people.

Law enforcement: Put into place a slow substitution of basic moral principles, where someone who used to be a criminal is now considered a victim.

Labor relations: Destroy the traditionally established links of bargaining between employer and employee. Obedient workers follow their leaders.

Democracy is not a system of equality. It is a system where diverse people of different backgrounds have the chance to compete and thrive.

  1. Destabilization. Destabilize all the accepted institutions and organizations of your enemy.

There is no crime if a professor introduces a course of communism or Marxism into a California college.

The radicalization of negotiations between labor and employers. “Normalizing” violent protests.

The media places itself in opposition to society, to alienate the people.

Subversive “sleepers” now become leaders in society and actively include themselves in the political process. Now, homosexuals make it a political issue to “demand human rights” and instigate violent clashes. Black against white. It doesn’t matter, it’s about creating antagonistic clashes. This is destabilization.

The sleepers are KGB agents. They become leaders to destabilize the targeted nation. Thus, the agent is already a respected citizen of the United States. He even gets money from the government for his struggle labeled “human rights.”

  1. Crisis. The process starts when the legitimate bodies of power cannot function anymore. Instead, artificial bodies are injected into society, such as non-elected committees. They claim power on how to run your life. If power is denied to them, they take it by force. They are often half-baked intellectuals from Harvard or somewhere, they think they know the answers to social problems.

The population at large is looking for a savior to solve the crisis that has been artificially created. They call for socialist government, centralized power. A savior is needed. The savior is then provided as the foreign nation, or the sleeper agents, they call it a revolution. They say, “I will lead you.”

The two alternatives here are: 1) Civil war. 2) Invasion.

  1. Normalization. This stage is to make the subversion results seem “normal” to the people. “Your country is normalized.”

At this point, the workers don’t demand a revolution anymore. This is stabilizing the country by force. Activists, liberals, social workers, homosexuals, professors and Marxists are being eliminated because they are not needed anymore.

The new owners need stability to exploit the nation and take advantage of the victory. The Marxists shoot their own revolutionaries.

Once the subverted culture is “normalized,” the only way to reverse the course of the country is through military intervention.

The most difficult and simplest answer against subversion is to start it before the “demoralization” stage. Bring back religion to restore stability to society. (Halt “cultural Marxism” from marching forward.)

As part of normalization, allow the criminals to have “civil rights” and bring crisis to the country. To defend against this, do not allow them to take political power… do not elect them into power. It must be driven into the heads of the American voters that a person like that is an enemy of the state.

Restriction of certain freedoms would prevent sliding into crisis. To curb unlimited power of the trade unions would save the economy from collapse. To introduce a law to stop private companies of raping public opinions in the direction of consumerism. No company must have a right to force you into buying more unless you want.

Demoralization is the easiest thing to reverse. Restrict the import of propaganda. The unrestrained import of Soviet journalists… it has to be stopped. They won’t be offended, they will respect America more. My colleague appears on Nightline and Ted Koppel asks him, “What do you think?” What can he think? He is a propaganda mouthpiece for the Soviet empire.

The process of demoralization will not start at all if the country prevents the importation of foreign ideology. You don’t have to shoot every foreigner… but when he offers you junk in the disguise of shiny something, you have to tell him, “No. We have our own junk.”

If the country is strong enough to stop the importation of ideas which are foreign, then the whole chain of subversion can be prevented.

Many societies throughout history collapsed the moment they lost religion. The idea of human beings as intelligent, moral agents of God can prevent collapse. But all the technology and computers will not prevent collapse. No one will fight to defend “2+2=4” but millions will fight to protect God and religious faith.

The answer to ideological subversion is very simple. You don’t have to shoot people. You simply have to have faith and prevent subversion… not to be a victim of subversion. Strike not with force but with the superiority of your intellect.

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