Jimmy Kimmel, WashPost, liberal media caught in their most outrageous fake news hoax yet… “Doctored video” claim is brazen falsehood

The entire liberal media complex — including despicable late night TV host Jimmy Kimmel — has fabricated and pushed the most outrageous hoax we’ve ever seen. They claim a video that was zoomed in to show Jim Acosta grappling with a White House intern was a “doctored video.”

That’s right: CNN, the king of selectively edited videos, green screen fakery and media hoaxes, now claims a Paul Joseph Watson video that was merely zoomed in was somehow “doctored.” Jimmy Kimmel repeated the lie on front of his live audience, falsely claiming the video was “sped up” when it clearly wasn’t.

After being exposed for pushing completely fake news, Jimmy Kimmel, the Washington Post, Stephen Colbert and all the other propaganda pushers of utterly fake news have yet to apologize to PJW or the White House. They continue to insist that a real video is a fake.

This is what the delusional left-wing media has come to: Telling their readers and viewers that what they are seeing with their own eyes didn’t really happen. The media has now gone “full Orwellian.”

What’s especially ironic in all this is how the very people claiming the video was “fake news” are themselves pushing blatantly fake news about the video which wasn’t doctored at all. But left-wing viewers are so indoctrinated and brainwashed into an alternate reality, they actually believe the absurdly fake explanation that’s been force-fed to them by left-wing comedians and media outlets.

Jim Acosta, Jimmy Kimmel an the entire lying left-wing media are now claiming Jim Acosta never touched the White House intern. This video grab, they say, is a complete fake and didn’t happen:

Here’s the full explanation, via Brighteon.com:

Here’s PJW explaining the incredible media hoax that has latched onto this:

The left-wing media is all fake news, all the time, even when the video evidence of their fakery is crystal clear. See MediaFactWatch.com for more coverage.


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