Liberals lose their minds as Trump skips “fake media” outlets in press briefings

It was obvious early on during the recently concluded presidential campaign that the discredited Washington establishment media completely whiffed when it came to predicting Trump’s victory, taking him seriously or realizing just how much he was resonating with the majority of the country.

What also became obvious was the fact that they needed Trump much more than he needed them. Ratings for most cable news programs rose considerably when Trump was the subject, and even though the princelings of the establishment press wrote him off early and often, they nevertheless bent over backward to feature as much of him as possible.

For some reason, the geniuses at these networks thought they had engineered themselves back into relevance, not Trump. What’s more, they didn’t equate the surge in viewership (and profits) to a massive groundswell of support for the billionaire real estate mogul and first-time politician.

After he won, though, the media reverted to its traditional role of propaganda division for the Alt-Left Democratic Party, happily reporting any false detail while making up their own narratives about why Hillary Clinton, whom the media believed should have just been anointed rather than be forced to bother with such trivialities as an election.

And in the process, the media has earned the ire of the man who was responsible for record growth in their profits: President Trump.

Who can blame the president – alright, besides the sore losers on the Left? The establishment media has attacked him relentlessly, published illegally obtained leaks that aren’t even accurate most of the time, and given air-time and print space to some of the most, hate-spewing Leftists in the country. (RELATED: Fake News CNN Insinuates Trump Is Mentally Unstable… Will They Ever Stop Lying?)

So, Trump and his media team have devised a new strategy of sorts that is really frosting the buns of the anti-Trump establishment press: At press conferences, they have begun calling on conservative and independent media.


As reported by News Busters, journalists on ABC complained “bitterly” about non-mainstream news reporters being called on by White House spokesman Sean Spicer during the previous day’s presser, because they didn’t ask ‘the hard questions.’

Translation: They didn’t harass and harangue the administration with inane, politically motivated lines of questioning:

Thursday on Good Morning America, ABC journalists bitterly complained about Wednesday’s press conference with Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, where President Trump only called on Israeli outlets and conservative outlets. Despite getting hard-hitting and relevant questions, ABC’s Senior White House Correspondent Cecilia Vega whined that these weren’t “mainstream” outlets and that they didn’t ask “tough questions.” Analyst Matthew Dowd went even further with the hysteria, calling Trump’s behavior a “full frontal assault on the First Amendment.”

So in other words, only the princelings in the establishment press get to decide what are and are not “tough” or “relevant” questions; anyone else working for lesser publications is neither qualified nor allowed to decide. (RELATED: “Muslim Ban” A Total Lie… Fact-Less Media Gins Up Mass Hysteria Among Left-Wing Zombie Trolls… America Now A “Mob-Ocracy”)

Actually, a “frontal assault” on the First Amendment might be something more like banning reporters altogether, like then-candidate Barack Obama did in 2008.

Or when media outlets allow their reporters to be manipulated or told what is and is not acceptable to publish, like they did with the campaign of Hillary Clinton.

Or when reporters are prosecuted under the law for publishing leaked information, like President Obama did.

Now that’s a frontal assault on the First Amendment.

In a follow-up news conference, the president made nice and called on some of the media princelings – then pummeled them relentlessly for their highly inaccurate reporting on him and their propensity to publish fake news. And for disrupting his foreign policy.

But he’s made it clear that he’s willing to bypass his media antagonists at will, knowing he can still take his message directly to the American people.

J.D. Heyes is a senior writer for and, as well as editor of The National Sentinel.


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