Twisted: Celebrities tout “United We Plan” T-shirts equating patriotism with murdering unborn babies

Hollywood celebrities, who regularly push the boundaries of decorum, taste, and class, just can’t get over their love for abortion-on-demand. Now there is a new effort afoot to continue their promotion of Planned Parenthood, the nation’s largest abortion mill, with a “United We Plan” T-shirt drive.

As reported by Townhall, the organization has been a cause celebre for years, with notable celebs like Amy Poehler, Judd Apatow, and Jennifer Lawrence all starring in a video earlier this summer pleading with the public to implore Congress to continue sending $500 million taxpayer dollars per year to an organization whose officials have been caught negotiating the sale of baby body parts.

Now, celebrities are employing a Hillary Clinton tactic of fundraising for Planned Parenthood with a campaign to sell T-shirts:

As Newsbusters reported recently, several big name stars are joining an Omaze fundraising campaign for Planned Parenthood, featuring $25 t-shirts that change the patriotic “United We Stand” slogan to “United We Plan” in the interest of “Uniting to support the women and men who rely on Planned Parenthood’s critical healthcare services.”

Yes, that’s right: Celebrities in Hollywood who were lucky that their own parents didn’t choose to abort them are equating the murder of unborn babies with patriotism. Only a tone-deaf Hollywood “star” would fail to see how outrageous that is to the vast majority of Americans.

It’s not like Planned Parenthood needs the money in the first place. The organization raked in $554.6 million in taxpayer money last year — an increase from the previous year — so it could abort 328,348 unborn children last year, or a “termination” rate of 899 babies per day, according to the organization’s annual report.

Then again, Planned Parenthood officials don’t make good investments with the money taxpayers provide: The organization spent $734,000 in campaign contributions to Democratic congressional candidate Jon Ossoff in Georgia during a special election this past summer — after blowing through $38 million to elect other Democrats, many unsuccessfully, in three previous election cycles.

That’s an awful lot of money to blow on political campaigns for an organization that claims its most important mission is ‘providing basic health care to women.’

Why Democrats? Easy; they are the party of infanticide, among other things. Democrats almost universally support abortion and many support the extremist position of abortion on demand, for any reason, right up until the final days of the third trimester, when the fetus is almost fully formed and a well-established, viable human.

It’s sick and twisted, but so is Planned Parenthood. That such an organization even exists in our country, and under the BS guise of “women’s health,” is a disgusting testament to what liberalism has done to our sense of values and our morality.

Which, of course, is why most Hollywood types support Planned Parenthood: They are all of the same minds. (Related: Planned Parenthood ex-employee spills all: Abortion group disguises illegal organ harvesting as ‘fetal tissue studies.’)

Just the name “Planned Parenthood” gives away the organization’s true intentions. If you didn’t “plan” to have a baby, well, then there is a 100-percent, foolproof way not to conceive one, and we all know what it is. But to these ghouls, “planned” means “kill.” “Planned” means “dispose of.” “Planned” means “murder.”

And “Parenthood?” Getting pregnant doesn’t make you a “parent.” Actually having the child and raising the child makes you a “parent.” If it’s “not a baby” growing inside a woman, as the Left loves to claim, then that woman isn’t a “parent.”

People want to tip-toe around the subject and call what this organization does “women’s health.” It’s not about “health.” Though some Planned Parenthood clinics provide basic women’s care, so do thousands of other medical clinics, most of which don’t kill babies as their primary function.

It’s time Planned Parenthood went the way of the dinosaur. I’m disgusted every time I think about the millions of lives lost — butchered — by an organization predicated on killing our young. It’s preposterous; no truly civilized society should tolerate it. (Related: Follow more news about abortions at

And I’m sickened when I see fools from Hollywood celebrate so much death while having the temerity to call President Trump vile and barbaric.

J.D. Heyes is a senior writer for and, as well as editor of The National Sentinel.

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