Why aren’t Dems calling for the FBI to investigate multiple rape allegations against Bill Clinton or Keith Ellison?

As the ‘mainstream’ media and their allies in the Democratic Party continue to rail against Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s Supreme Court confirmation claiming that the two women who have accused him of sexually assaulting them 30-plus years ago should be believed without evidence or corroboration, they remain stunningly silent about women who have accused some in their own party of similar – and worse – actions.

Judge Kavanaugh and his wife, Ashley Estes Kavanaugh, both appeared on Fox News Monday night to defend his reputation and to emphasize that he’s not about to give up on his nomination – a declaration that likely both surprised and inflamed his Left-wing detractors.

But what is glaringly absent from the conversation is the Left’s similar condemnation of former President Bill Clinton, who has had multiple, credible allegations of sexual assault and even rape leveled against him, or Rep. Keith Ellison of Minnesota, who has been accused by two women of sexual abuse.

As NewsTarget reported in August:

A second woman has accused Rep. Keith Ellison, D-Minn., co-leader of the Democratic National Committee, of sexual abuse in less than a week, and the disgustingly dishonest establishment media is doing its best to focus instead on more noise surrounding POTUS Donald Trump.

On Sunday, Ellison’s former paramour, Karen Monahan, an organizer for the Left-wing environmental organization Sierra Club, accused him of violently abusing her, while her son, Austin, posted on his Facebook page that he found more than 100 texts and Twitter messages as well as video showing the Minnesota Democrat being violent with his mother.

In his post, Austin wrote that one video shows Ellison “dragging my mama off the bed by her feet, screaming at her and calling her a ‘f**king b**ch’ and telling her to ‘get the f**k out of his house.”

He added that he wanted to go public but his mother “begged” him, his brother, and others not to do so. He said that texts featured a mix of apologies and threats to “bully her” and “victim-shame” her if she ever went public with the allegations.

Seems like that won’t be necessary after all, however, given the fact that the disgustingly dishonest media and fellow Democrats don’t seem to be holding him to the same standards they are holding Kavanaugh’s accusers, who, we’re told, must be believed simply because they are women. (Related: White House SLAMS new Kavanaugh sex abuse allegations; pushes back with DETAILED rebuttal.)

Massive hypocrisy from Democrats

Nor is any Democrat standing up for the likes of Juanita Broaddrick, who claimed years ago that former President Bill Clinton raped her decades ago when he was a rising ‘star’ in Arkansas political circles.

Responding to Kavanaugh’s alleged victims’ calls for the FBI to “investigate” their claims, Broaddrick tweeted that if that were to happen then the bureau must “investigate my RAPE allegations against Bill Clinton, too,” according to CNS News.

“If you want the FBI to go back that far @HillaryClinton @MSNBC to investigate Ford’s allegations …. let’s investigate my RAPE allegations against Bill Clinton, too. Seems only fair,” Broaddrick tweeted on Sept. 18.

She described the alleged rape during an interview with NBC Dateline on Feb. 24, 1999, CNS News reported.

“When everything was over with, he got up and straightened himself, and I was crying at the moment and he walks to the door, and calmly puts on his sunglasses. And before he goes out the door he says, ‘You better get some ice on that.’ And he turned and went out the door,” she said.

On Clinton and Ellison, though, all you hear from Democrats are crickets.

In an interview Monday with ABC News’George Stephanopoulos – who was a close political adviser of Bill Clinton’s – White House spokeswoman Sarah Sanders said Democrats were ‘exploiting’ Kavanaugh’s accusers.

“I think that the way that [Democrats] have operated in this is absolutely appalling,” Sanders said, as reported by Lifezette. “If anything has been appalling, it’s the way that they have gone after and used these people’s stories and their lives and exploited them for political gain.”

Read more about the White House’s reaction to Kavanaugh’s accusers at WhiteHouse.news.

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