The ultimate goal of FAKE news is to keep Americans sick in order to help pad the pockets of Big Food and Big Pharma

Imagine for a moment that you had to go shopping at the supermarket and the pharmacy blindfolded. Then, when you got home, you had to make a meal of the food and drink, take the medicine and use personal care products you just bought “blind.” In other words, you would have no information about the ingredients, health warnings, possible use of chemicals, allergens or side effects. You would have no idea if the foods contained genetically modified ingredients, toxic dyes, MSG, aspartame or other debilitating ingredients. The medicines could be completely wrong for the symptoms and health “trauma” you are experiencing, in fact, they could make things much worse.

What would that be like – shopping in the “dark” and consuming everything you bought, regardless of all the harmful ingredients that are already approved by the reckless FDA, CDC and EPA? Welcome to the censored world that brings you only fake news via television, newspapers, magazines and yes, now the internet. Google and the ruthless purveyors of social media want you sick and dying a slow, miserable, expensive death so they can make more money from their Big Food and Big Pharma advertisers and sponsors.

All fake news, like CNN, NY Times and Washington Post push vaccines, GMOs, pharmaceuticals and toxic personal care products

In case you don’t already know, mainstream media is 100 percent controlled by their sponsors. All “consensus” reached by mainstream science, agriculture, medicine and food are also 100 percent scripted, faked, skewed and controlled by Big Food and Big Pharma. Any study done regarding the power of organic food or natural medicine is immediately “debunked” by fake science and mainstream media to keep consumers and patients in the dark, literally.

No medical doctors discuss the ingredients in vaccines or flu shots with their patients, because no medical doctors want their patients asking questions about why those vaccines contain infected African Green Monkey kidney cells, cancer-causing formaldehyde, deadly pig viruses, brain damaging and autism-causing mercury, or Alzheimer’s-causing aluminum.

The same goes for your pets. No veterinarians want pet owners questioning what’s in the experimental and carcinogenic vaccines and medicines given to the animals. It’s all about the money.

When they say “it’s not about the money” – they’re lying. If mainstream fake news were to speak or publish the truth for one second about organic food, natural medicine or healthy personal care products, their phones would be ringing off the hook with calls from advertisers, threatening the CEOs and producers to pull their advertising. This alone would cripple the fake news networks and online media outlets.

Google, Facebook, Twitter and even YouTube are censoring what you need to know about real health and survival strategies

You have a choice. Read the ingredients on everything you eat, drink and put on your skin. Or live in the dark, where two out of every three Americans will suffer and die a slow, miserable death from either cancer, diabetes, Alzheimer’s, osteoporosis, arthritis, heart disease, stroke, or a combination of these. Most conventional food is now loaded with pesticides, fluoride, and heavy metal toxins. Nearly all “Western medicine” products are designed to temporarily relieve symptoms of deep rooted disease and disorder that will inevitably get much worse if the medications are continued. Medical doctors and oncologists want nothing more than to push pills, perform unnecessary surgeries, and run extremely expensive diagnostic tests in order to pay for their lush lifestyles.

Are you a guinea pig? What about your children? Are you just dollar signs in the eyes of Big Food and Big Medicine?

Stay informed daily with REAL alternative truth media. Things are changing fast. You can make smart choices and live a long, happy, healthy life. It’s all about organic, natural, sustainable living and preparing properly for the upcoming economic/financial tsunami. Get ready folks!


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