Left-wing “establishment media” going all-out to refute any suggestion that Notre Dame Cathedral fire could have been intentional

When it comes to reporting criminal acts committed by Muslims throughout Europe, the Western media has steadfastly refused in recent years to fully inform citizens with facts and the entire truth surrounding such incidents.

The faster the Muslim migrant population throughout Europe grew, the more Western media ignored increasing levels of crime and violence committed against citizens of host countries.

Outside of the most obvious (and deadly) attacks committed by Muslim extremists such as mowing down pedestrians with large vans or shooting up French cities, criminal activity — rapes and assaults, for instance — that did not rise to the level of a major terrorist attack didn’t get much attention in European and U.S. media, even when obvious patterns of behavior or criminal activity were apparent.

And all to avoid being called racist, bigoted, and “anti-Muslim.”

With that in mind, it’s worth noting that prior to the fire this week at the centuries-old Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris, more than 870 Catholic churches in France were vandalized in 2018, as mega-talker Rush Limbaugh noted during his program on Wednesday, citing published information. What’s more, he said, “there were 12 churches vandalized, including a fire, in Paris last month in a single week [emphasis added].”

With this well-established factual record of attacks on nearly 1,000 Catholic churches across France — and in a year’s time — you would think that common sense informs us there is reason to suspect the Notre Dame fire might have also been intentional. After all, it’s one of the most important, if not the most important Catholic icon throughout all of Europe outside of the Vatican — and Easter is this week. From what we know about Muslim terrorism, the extremists love symbolism (which is why terrorists attacked the U.S. mission in Benghazi, Libya, on Sept. 11, 2012, exactly 11 years to the day after the 9/11 attacks. (Related: Disgusting! Obama and Hillary FIRED Benghazi heroes in Germany after 13-hour assault.)

The Left-wing establishment media is no longer curious

But no. Such informed speculation isn’t permitted (even though you just know French authorities are looking in to the possibility that Muslim extremists may have been responsible for the Notre Dame fire — they’d be negligent and monumentally incompetent if they didn’t).

The American “establishment” media rivals the European Leftist media in terms of providing cover for bad people who do bad things to both American and European citizens, and the Washington Post is one of the biggest cheerleaders for Muslim extremism. 

The paper agreed to publish an op-ed by a self-described “expert” on “far-Right extremism,” Talia Lavin, a “guest instructor” for New York University’s journalism program. In it, she blasted conservative commentator and author Ben Shapiro, claiming — falsely — that he stoked the flames of “racism” (the Left’s favorite allegation against conservatives) and was pushing Right-leaning Americans toward a race war regarding the Notre Dame fire.

The op-ed, titled, “How the far right spread politically convenient lies about the Notre Dame fire,” claims that from the moment reports began streaming in that the cathedral was on fire, conservatives were already blaming it on Muslims — in the hopes of inciting violence against them (another familiar Left-wing accusation when conservatives criticize people of color or a religious minority).

Specifically, she compared Shapiro to America’s most notable neo-Nazi, Richard Spencer, though Shapiro has routinely and unequivocally denounced Spencer and his garbage ideology. But that’s how the Left does its business: Take an incident, establish a false narrative, hone in on a villain (the Right, in general, and specific conservatives when possible) and then demonize them.

What’s really insulting isn’t that our media is trying to change the subject with character assassinations rather than discuss established facts. It’s that they are so quick to judge our opinions as wrong while complaining that we are too quick to form our opinions, even when based on established patterns of behavior.

That stems from an overabundance of political advocacy and a disturbing lack of curiosity among our media ‘elites.’

Read more about fake racism at RaceWar.news.

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