After pushing Big Pharma’s vaccine propaganda, Fox News attacks homeschoolers using left-wing talking points

Elizabeth Llorente, a Senior Reporter for, recently published an outrageous hit piece targeting parents who homeschool their children, insinuating that they’re all child abusers in disguise who need to be continually monitored by the government in order to ensure child safety.

Bearing a fear-mongering headline that opens with a ridiculous play on words, “House of Horrors,” Llorente’s article sets an obviously negative tone against homeschooling right out of the gate. The contents of her article are no better, highlighting a small handful of extreme cases in which children were abused or killed by deranged family members, supposedly under the guise of homeschooling.

But rather than set the record straight that these few cases of child abuse are obvious exceptions as opposed to the norm, Llorente, with the unstated blessing of her employer, Fox News, paints the grimmest possible picture for her readers of what homeschooling supposedly entails: that it’s somehow a sinister cover for negligent-at-best parents to commit horrible atrocities against their flesh and blood.

“This happens every few years – someone trots out a collection of child abuse horror stories and blames the abuse on the fact that parents were permitted to keep their own children in their own homes without government surveillance,” warns Paula Bolyard, a homeschooling mother herself, writing for PJ Media.

“We expect this kind of rhetoric from left-wing/MSM outlets – it’s been going on for decades – but I was surprised to see the tired line of attack coming from Fox News,” she adds.

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Far more children are abused and victimized at public school than at home – when will Fox go after government “education” for harming kids?

What Llorente of course fails to address in her hit piece are the shocking number of children that are abused and victimized at government indoctrination centers, aka public schools.

According to data from the National Center for Education Statistics, 34 out of every 1,000 public school students aged 12-14 are victimized while at school, while 14 out of every 1,000 public school students aged 15-18 experience the same.

Based on Llorente’s line of reasoning, this would suggest that government agents need to be interrogating all public school students and their families on a regular basis, as well as all teachers and faculty, in order to address this similar “House of Horrors” situation happening all around us in “normal” society.

The other elephant in the room that’s missing from Llorente’s load of propaganda is the fact that in nearly every case of child abuse that supposedly involved homeschooling, the government was already previously involved – meaning the government failed to prevent these tragedies.

“[Any time] you see one of these hit pieces claiming that homeschooling is somehow to blame for child abuse, once you look beyond the headlines, you’ll see that in almost every case the state was already involved with the families – and failed to protect the children,” Bolyard maintains.

Keep in mind that Fox News has been on a roll lately with spreading this type of blatant fake news, having recently published other propaganda pushing measles hysteria and trying to scare parents into vaccinating their children.

“The Supreme Court has ruled on more than one occasion that parents – not the state – have the right to direct the education and the upbringing of their children, but the ‘it takes a village’ nannies want to change that,” Bolyard adds about Fox‘s latest assault against homeschooling.

“They know what’s best for your child and God help you if you stand in their way.”

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