As global wave of Islamic violence targets Christian churches, left-wing, Satanic media stay silent

Democrats and their protectors in the so-called “establishment” media are now so openly, brazenly anti-American, anti-rule of law and pro-terrorism there is no point in even debating it anymore.

You could even say it is ‘settled science.’

Following the horrific Easter weekend bombings in Sri Lanka, in which it has now been established that Islamic terrorists were responsible, the Western media in Europe and the United States went out of their way to cover every aspect of the multiple bombings while dancing around the 900-pound gorilla in the room: Radical Islam.

Silence was the norm. Crickets. Mention anything about the attacks but who may have carried them out.

But as NewsTarget noted on Monday, very early on there were a few media reports that actually introduced the possibility that Islamic extremists may be responsible — not based, alone, on the fact that once again Christian churches (as well as symbols of capitalism) were targeted, but on actionable intelligence.

In fact, as Israel National News reported as well, Sri Lankan intelligence officials were “warned that terrorist elements, including the radical Islamic organization NTJ, would carry out a suicide attack in certain churches during Easter.”

And Indian intelligence officials added that the attack bears a striking resemblance to others carried out by extremists loyal to the Islamic State, as reported by LiveMint. 

It turns out that U.S. intelligence agencies — and likely Israeli intelligence — had notified Sri Lankan authorities that Islamist-inspired attacks were coming, as The National Sentinel reported Monday.

In addition, The Wall Street Journal noted that the “Sri Lankan government voiced suspicions that an obscure radical Islamist group organized” the bombings that left 290 people dead — and three Christian churches in ruins. 

Further, as End of the American Dream reported, there are 105 churches attacked every single month around the world — Christian churches or Christian-related buildings. And yet, the lamestream media propagandists and their sycophantic Democratic defenders are loathe to admit that, much less condemn the religion — Islam — responsible for the attacks. (Related: This Easter Sunday, it’s time to tell the truth about the global war on Christianity (and the rise of Satanism.)

They are not “Easter Worshippers”

Instead, we’re fed a diet of denials, obfuscations, “yeah, but’s,” and excuses about how Islam is really the “religion of peace” when in fact, Christians belong to a religion of peace (since we’re not seeing Christian extremists bombing Muslim places of worship — and no, the lunatic in New Zealand doesn’t count because he didn’t act on behalf of ‘Christianity’ or the Christian God).

Democratic leaders like former President Obama — a Muslim defender if ever there was one — and Hillary Clinton couldn’t even use the term “Christian” when tweeting condolences over the weekend for the victims of the religiously-inspired attacks. Rather than call them Christians (because that’s what they are), they both referred to the victims as “Easter worshipers.”

“The attacks on tourists and Easter worshipers in Sri Lanka are an attack on humanity. On a day devoted to love, redemption, and renewal, we pray for the victims and stand with the people of Sri Lanka,” Obama tweeted. 

Clinton added: “On this holy weekend for many faiths, we must stand united against hatred and violence. I’m praying for everyone affected by today’s horrific attacks on Easter worshipers and travelers in Sri Lanka.”

‘Weekend of many faiths?’ What is she talking about? What other faiths other than Christianity observe, honor, and celebrate the resurrection of Christ Jesus?

“Calling them ‘Easter worshipers’ is a political ploy designed to tamp down realities of radical Islamic terror targeting of Christians and Christianity,” wrote Cheryl Chumley for the Washington Times. “But this is what those of the far left do. This is how Muslim apologists roll.”

She’s right, of course. 

So, why wouldn’t you call an avowed enemy of Christianity — the faith of our founders — by name: Radical Islam? Why wouldn’t you blame “Muslims” when Muslims are purposely targeting and killing Christians? Because you either hate Christians, the America they founded, or both. 

This is today’s “establishment” media and their Democratic Party allies.

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